Stopping vehicle theft & vandalism ....

AMCO's AFID systems are particularly cost effective

when protecting parked vehicles

Both for single cars outside a home or many in large car-parks



Whether you are concerned about protecting just one vehicle outside your house, or about many in a car park, AFID can provide a cost effective answer....

AFID can prevent car theft and damage and can record the number plates of all vehicles entering or leaving an area.


 Large Car Parks An 8 camera system with accompanying loudspeaker systems and several days recording capacity can cost less than 3,000

AFID deters and identifies vandals

A Single Car outside your home  - An AFID system for guarding  a single car - consisting of a  speaker/microphone,  high quality colour camera with several weeks recording capacity, vandal detection, and communication equipment costs about the same as the excess insurance on your car to supply and install.

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