AMCO Security introduces it's 

Anti-Fellon Integrated Detection and Identification System.....



The Integrated Alarm & CCTV Monitoring System

AFID saves property & lives without using expensive manpower


Like the West's nuclear weapon's, AFID systems are a deterrent that packs a punch! .....

AFID is designed to deter intruders from gaining access to steal, vandalise or attack 

Physical barriers deter and slow down intruders, but nothing stops the determined intruder except FEAR - fear that he will be caught.  AFID systems provide the electronic detection and immediate response systems to provide FEAR

AFID alarm monitoring controllers broadcast an immediate live warning to intruders whilst at the same time they summon police and security personnel. The system also records all visual and audio activities and can provide identification photographs of the intruders.


AFID integrated monitored alarm systems provide manned 24 hour audio and CCTV monitoring in alarm conditions. They consist of four main electronic systems....

  • Electronic detection equipment

  • Central processing and communication equipment

  • CCTV observation and recording equipment

  • Audio interrogation and response equipment

These components are designed to link to our central monitoring function and to the clients local control system if present.

Existing alarm and CCTV systems can be modified for use with AFID. 


AFID's prime aim is to deter intruders before loss or damage is incurred, however, all crime in progress information is immediately communicated to local security personnel & police to enable them to catch the criminals.













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