Farm Security

AFID systems protect your stock and equipment by detecting and warning off intruders ...


Integrated Audio Alarms & CCTV 

are a lot less expensive than 

you think!

In the old days if anyone attempted sheep rustling, or tried to steal your equipment, you could deter them by shooting them - unfortunately, although it proved an excellent deterrent and kept the crooks away, the do gooder politicians - didn't like it. We now have to resort to less direct deterrents to protect farm stock and equipment....
Deterring would be thieves is the key to securing your farm. Since we can't shoot them we at least need to capture them and lock them away for a while. The threat of this is a deterrent. Fences and gates deter, but not enough. Our answer is a relatively inexpensive integrated monitored alarm and CCTV system that detects, identifies and then frightens away the crooks.

A monitored alarm system costs from as little as 400 with just 14.95 per month for monitoring (inc VAT)


Multi-camera monitored CCTV system can cost for less than 1,000 fully installed

AFID integrated electronic systems use relatively simple technology to make sure that would be intruders are spotted and warned off, before they gain access. 


However, in the unlikely event that they do gain access they can be tracked and inevitably apprehended.





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