Retail Shop, Pub & Restaurant, & Bookmakers Security


AFID integrated security systems provide 24 hour protection for shops and their staff...


AFID integrated audio monitoring and CCTV systems - ensure that staff are protected whilst on duty, prevent and identify theft and prevent burglary. 

AFID can be added to any existing burglar alarm and CCTV system and is suitable for the very smallest shop and large supermarkets.

AFID is particularly valuable in single manning situations. With AFID the staff are never alone.

Existing alarms can be converted to audio alarms with immediate response and be linked to the latest monitored & recorded CCTV systems for as little as 750 fully installed with 24/7 alarm & CCTV monitoring at around 20 per month


AFID not only allows you to watch your stock, it warns you whenever someone is in a critical area and will record their actions


A complete new 4 colour camera system with all recording and communication systems suitable for small retail premises costs around 600 fully installed


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